Prof. Dr. Abdullah İNCİ


Erciyes University, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, has successfully completed the most important stages of development in the last period and has succeeded to be among the 10 Research Universities in Turkey today. It has begun to gain great importance due to this feature. This development trend of Erciyes University will continue increasingly. As an academist, I fully believe this. This belief is also valid for Erciyes University Veterinary Faculty. Veterinary Faculty was established in 1995 and has already left significant difficulties in the past periods. Today, Veterinary Faculty serves over the standards in the education and training with its established administrative staff and eighty academic staff who can renovate themselves and have been passed through modern measurement assessment training in 2018. In Veterinary Faculty, is a member of EAEVE, the education and training activities carried out in 20 departments and advanced scientific researches were conducted by using advanced technology. Erciyes University Veterinary Faculty is a leader in the field of scientific research in Turkey. Every year, about 70 students are registered to Veterinary Faculty, and the first graduates were given in 2000. So far, hundreds of graduates have been practicing their profession in different regions of Turkey. We kept in touch with the graduate students. We have established special graduate office for graduates to share their professional knowledge and skills with the students. We are confronted with graduates at the places that constitute the main employment areas and we work with many of them as academicians. I have to confess that working with them and conducting scientific research has given me a different excitement and a high energy. We want to live this excitement with new students who will choose Veterinary Faculty.

Dear Students;

Veterinary Faculty has advanced technological infrastructure and is able to produce all kinds of advanced information. I also want to emphasize that there is an animal hospital in Veterinary Faculty that can serve as a full-fledged 7/24 hour regional hospital. The full name of our hospital is "Erciyes University Veterinary Faculty Research and Application Hospital". Our hospital has advanced technology and serves in all branches with full automation system. The number of patients increasing by the year and has reached at 10.000 per year. This is of utmost importance in terms of the training of our students. In addition, we have established professional partnerships by signing the necessary protocols with all relevant organizations that may be related to the professional base. This provides a great opportunity for the education of the students. With the practices gained here, graduates become ready for the field conditions.

As a result, you as a student, who prefer Turkey's leading Veterinary Faculty, will have the opportunity of living in Kayseri which is a place of peace in terms of transportation, security and living standards and having education and training in Erciyes University, which is already a brand in university education, and you will experience the privileges of it. You will be trained as intellectual individuals in Erciyes University and you will graduate with a well prepared course.

Greetings with my best wishes.